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Customer Service - FAQs
 Aside from jewelries, what other items can you accept in your pawnshop?
We are also accepting gadgets like cellphones, digital cameras, DSLR cameras, laptops, netbooks, tablet-PCs, gaming consoles, flat screen TVs, videocameras, signature watches, and even motorcycles and scooters in some outlets.

 Do you offer short term loans?
Yes. Everyone can avail short term loans for pawning jewelries. Short term loans are much cheaper compared to long term/ regular loans. Redemption period is within 3 weeks (21 days), for as low as 2% interest.

 Can I renew my pawned item?
Yes. If you still don't want to redeem your item before its expiration, you may renew its term. Just make sure that you renew your item before its maturity or expiration date to avoid penalties.

 Do you offer promos and discounts in pawning?
Yes. If you are already a regular customer, ask for a loyalty card from our branch personnel and enjoy the privilege discounts on pawning and redeeming items. This is only available for jewelry items only.

 What other services do you offer in your stores?
Aside from pawning, we also offer Western Union money transfer services, international money exchange services, domestic and international airline ticketing, and personal insurances (Accident/ Fire).

 Where can I find your business/operating hours?
You can check out our branch’ operating hours in the Branch Locator of this website. Our branches are open from Mondays to Saturdays, and Mondays to Sundays/ holidays in selected locations.

 Are there any other Tambunting branches under your company?
There are other Tambunting groups who operate Tambunting Pawnshops and jewelry businesses, however only branches and services that are found in the Branch Locator of this website are under our jurisdiction.

 Where can I send customer service feedbacks/ complaints?
You may send your feedback regarding our customer service to the following mobile numbers and email addresses, or you may like our official Facebook page TAMBUNTINGPH.

Email Address      : support@tambunting.ph
Facebook Page     : Facebook.com/TAMBUNTINGPH

Note that we only acknowledge feedbacks from branches that are found in the Branch Locator of this website. You may search our complete list of branches at the menu on left side of this screen.
Frequently Asked Questions
 How will I know if the Pawn Ticket (Papel de Agencia) that I have is valid and official?
Official Pawn Ticket should have fixed serial number, TIN, branch address and operating hours, list of items that were pawned, principal amount, signature of appraiser, and terms and condition at the back. Please be advised that we do not acknowledge fake, tampered, or any unofficial Pawn Tickets upon redemption of the pawned item.

 I have a business proposal and I want to tie up with Tambunting, where can I send my request?
If you want to become partner of Tambunting and want your products/services to be offered in Tambunting outlets nationwide, just send us your proposal with Business/ Company Profile together with your contact number, email address, and email it HERE

 I have a site proposal and I want to offer lease space with Tambunting, what should I do?
Send us an email together with your name, contact number/ email address, space address, and its nearest landmark so that we can be able to visit the place. You can send your an email HERE

 Do you offer pawnshop franchises?
Sorry but as of now, we don’t offer pawnshop franchises.

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