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The essense of business at Tambunting Pawnshops is lending money and accepting jewelries, electronic gadgtes or appliances, and even mortgages of real estate and pledges of stocks as a collateral. Loans are generally for a maximum period of six (6) months depending on the items being pawned, after which if the owner did not push through for redemption, the items pawned will be sold at auction in our branches or through other jewelry outlets.

The difference between Tambunting Pawnshops and many other pawnshop stores in the country is that its customers know that the valuation of the collateral will always be extremely fair and honest, thus allowing the maximum possible loan amount. It is this honesty that brings customers back to Tambunting time after time, knowing full well that their valuables are fully secured and in safe custody.

Training and Development
Traditionally, expansion brings problems as well as rewards. Each new outlets requires staffing with highly trained appraisers. Tambunting Pawnshops have therefore developed their own training school.

After some years of actual training from the highly skilled branch appraisers, selected staffs undergo a SIX MONTH extensive training in the head office, after which they will undergo actual examination. Only then they can be considered to handle their own branch worthy of the trust and confidence of the public.
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